7 days by motorbike across the Alps - 2200 kilometers of fun ...

"Why seeking the distance..., the adventure is so close." According to this motto we will cross the Alps from east to west with the motorbike between July and August. The most varied passes, the most varied roads, the most varied subsoil - everything that the Alps have to offer in terms of variety and diversion.

We - a small team from motomovie - start in Austria, more precisely defined at the Wurzenpass (above the Wörthersee) and finish our journey 7 days later at the Oberjochpass in Bavaria. Overall, the tour is about 2200 kilometers long.

In the new Tour-Blog from motomovie (Live from 29.6.2019) every day, every pass, every interesting moment is recorded. Check it out or create your own tour blog.
Write an email to: support@motomovie.de if you want to order your own map.